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Wenceslas Square, by Larry Shue


Play in 2 acts

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service

Place and Time: Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1974

Set, Persons of the Play:

"Wenceslas Square is designed to be performed with two card tables, four chairs, and whatever props and costumes seem necessary. Also, to use only four actors, as follows --

VINCE COREY, Ph.D. -- a college professor, mid-thirties

BOB DOOLEY -- a student, early twenties

AN ACTOR (referred to as 'A') -- Plays the narrator (an older Bob Dooley), as well as a number of Czech men -- waiters, actors, students, a madman, a construction worker

AN ACTRESS -- Plays several Czech women -- an executive secretary at the National Museum, an old translator, a young interpreter"

Productions: New York Shakespeare Festival, New York, 1988

New York cast:

  • THE MEN: Victor Garber
  • VINCE COREY: Jonathan Hadary
  • DOOLEY: Bruce Norris
  • THE WOMEN: Dana Ivey

Quoted material above is taken directly from the published text of the play.

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Wenceslas Square

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