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Washington detours


So you're planning a visit to Washington. I figure that you've already looked at an online guide. Or maybe you've consulted a paper guidebook. Me, I'm partial to Fodor's.

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These pages are about a few places that you might miss on a quick scan of the guides. They offer some alternatives to the most popular, well-known sights in town. Are they idiosyncratic? Do they overlook something essential (at least as far as you're concerned)? Does this guide have something to do with my twenty years of living here? You betcha!

If you live here already, you might find something interesting, too. If you're looking for directions to the Hard Rock Cafe, you're in the wrong place.

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These pages are dedicated to the Irish uncle of an old friend. One time Uncle Dan was hopelessly lost driving with the family in a strange city (well, Indianapolis, really). And he happened to come to a street named Parnell. That looks promising, he said, and turned into it. I have no idea whether this maneuver helped or not, but everyone made it back to Ohio eventually.


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