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When I'm preparing for an audition, I track down my scripts at Backstage. The shop has an incredible number of scripts already stocked, and will gladly order anything else that you can't find on the shelf. There are also sections of books on theatre and film technique, and even a small section of used books and scripts (plays do go out of print quite readily). Backstage has recently moved to new digs on Capitol Hill, into a more accessible street-level facility, across the street from the Shakespeare Theatre's rehearsal space.

While Backstage does carry makeup, I prefer to go to Stein's to restock my kit: I like the service better. A long-established Arlington business, Stein's has operated in three locations and under three different owners since its founding in 1937. Now owned by Meranda Kim, the shop's bread and butter is dance wear and supplies. A word of caution: make sure you feed your parking meter in this neighborhood. Enforcement is fierce!


Backstage, Inc.
545 8th Street, S.E. (at the corner of G Street)
blueorangeEastern Market


Stein's Theatrical & Dance Supply
3100 Clarendon Boulevard on N. Highland Street
Arlington, VA

I'm looking for a good local optics shop, now that John Redlich has moved to North Carolina.

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