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Short texts by others, and a few by me. A commonplace book, of sorts.


from Tony Scherman the speed of sound.

from Lucinda Rosenfeld
"The Male Gaze"

from Frank Rich
All-American pornography.

from Brian Swimme
"Experiencing Deep Time"

from Neil LaBute

from Arthur Danto
Etruscan typewriter erasers.

from Peter Brook
On theatricality.

from "Roy Mallard"
...people like us...

from Karen Durbin
Of course much of the time, audiences want to be manipulated ...

from Wallace Stevens
"Not Ideas about the Thing but the Thing Itself"

The radio is playing Stone Temple Pilots' "Sour Girl."

from Lydia Davis
And so she knew by this that these notebooks...

There was a television documentary series in the sixties called "The 21st Century..."

I heard an old soulful song from the 70's on the radio the other day...

Escape Velocity
Sometimes I spy on people.

They span the expressway...

Mindprints from my driving trip from Northern Virginia to South Florida and back.

three views
The value of art is in the observer.

I've been overseas only once in my life, really.

from Bill Irwin
What are some of life's big clown questions?

It was Saturday morning; I had just finished my work at the recording studio...

from Richard Diebenkorn
Notes to myself on beginning a painting

Late last week, I awoke in the middle of the night to a strange, faint noise in my ceiling.

I ate a lot of meals in diner/drive-ins when I was a kid.

from Damien Hirst
Tell me about your personal influences, not historical ones.

There are certain tastes, smells, touches that most people find unpleasant...

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