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The value of art is in the observer. When you find out what you like, you're really finding out about yourself. Beethoven's music is joyous. If you like his music, you know that you like to be joyful. People who look at my painting say that it makes them happy, like the feeling when you wake up in the morning. And happiness is the goal, isn't it?

Minimalist artist Agnes Martin, New York Times, 17 January 1997

Becuase if the audience is not moved, it's not interesting.... When people go to the theater, they go to watch something dangerous because it's safe. It is better to watch Medea than to put bleach in the children's cornflakes. The sort of theater I like has to have that danger. When I think of the great moments I've seen in the theater, it is a single actor on an empty stage and you don't know what he will do. There's an element of that in comedy the same way that tragedy always has laughter at its heart.

Declan Donnellan, director, New York Times, 2 October 1994

Actors love mental disorders, dialects, and corsets. Give them one of the three and they're happy.

Robin Tunney, on playing a Tourette's syndrome sufferer
in Niagara Niagara, in Interview magazine, March 1998

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