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Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Much better than the cheesy ringtone that one of my coworkers had on his mobile, and even better than the IBM line printer from several jobs ago that did something that sounded like the bass line to the Smithereens' "Blood and Roses": this flat-bed scanner plays Beethoven.

(Thanks to things magazine.)

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Could be really interesting; could be a flash in the pan:

A new tool offers to create websites on any subject, allowing web surfers to sit back, relax and watch a virtual space automatically fill up with relevant news stories, blog posts, maps and photos.

The website asks its users to come up with any subject they are interested in, such as a TV show, sports team or news topic, and to submit links to their five favourite news articles, blogs or photos on that subject. Working only from this data, the site then automatically creates a webpage on that topic, known as a Boxxet.

I could see setting one of these up for topics like celiac disease.

Access to the tool is limited at the moment.

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