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Wednesday, 15 March 2006

John Garfield is wasted in 1939's They Made Me a Criminal, and Claude Rains could not be more miscast. This is perhaps the only flick with a plot point that hinges on a farmer opening a valve to irrigate a field of vegetables.

posted: 9:27:59 PM  

Sounds like a Broadway hit to me:

A black, empty stage. Lights up on Annie, a bruised and battered orphan girl whose cataract-stricken eyes have no visible pupils. Around her, other abandoned girls sleep fitfully on the dirty sweatshop floor as she sings...

(Thanks to robot wisdom.)

posted: 11:57:54 AM  

D.C. officials have released designs for the new baseball stadium for the Nationals. Ehh, it's hard to tell from a few renderings, but it's not very impressive. Looks too much like it was designed to satisfy too many non-baseball interests.

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