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Tuesday, 14 March 2006

The picture made out of Annie Proulx's short story wins three Oscars and all she can do is trash the other movies that were honored. Mean-spirited and tacky. I have been a fan of her writing (The Shipping News is outstanding) but now I'll think twice about exchanging coin for her work. Yeah, like she gives a damn what I do.

(Thanks to Bookslut.)

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Joe Wolfe of the University of New South Wales explains how a didgeridoo works, with animations and sound files.

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Hurrah: Metro is starting a pilot project to install arrival boards outside the fare gates—the boards that were introduced five years ago on the platforms that tell you which train is arriving when. As Martin Austermuhle puts it:

It's something of a Metro-riding phenomenon—as you descend into a station, you hear a train arriving and, not wanting to miss it, you book it through the entrance gates and down on to the platform. Sometimes it is your train, and you feel justified in having knocked over that six-year-old visiting from Iowa. Other times it's not your train, and you're left trying to play it cool despite your obviously frantic sprint down the escalators.

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