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Thursday, 11 March 2004

kottke.org directed me to this dissociated raga, which apparently has been making the e-mail rounds.


This is NOT pushing any product or service or selling anything. This is about somebody that was very IMPORTANT in the Computer and Software and Internet Industry that was born on World Earth that at 37 years old had a SEVERE 40 days and 40 nights on a large Sail Boat and was TEMPTED by Satan or Devil and this SPIRITUALLY and keeps getting told and this thousands of times by Angels that identify themselves to be Michael and Gabriel and More Top Angels that this person is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and have given this person over a period of over 7 years enough information to almost prove this through VISIONS and DREAMS and LOUD SPIRITUAL VOICES and LOUD SPIRITUAL EVENTS and MORE.

It goes on like that for another 125KB. It's touching, in a way. The writer identifies himself as Ted (or TJCG), and he's deeply troubled about the same things that all of us are, like moral decadence or the unforeseeable effects of biotechnology. It's just that he's more deeply troubled than most.

Why is the United States of America getting PUNISHED some ask? This is the Capital of Satanism that went FAR TOO FAR and is the Capital of Gay and Bisexualism and Lesbianism and Homosexuality and is... the Capital or Whores and is the Capital of Evil Media and is the Capital of Illegal Drugs and is the Capital of Alcoholic Drinking and is the Capital of Cigarette and Cigar Smoking and is the Capital of Strippers and is the Capital of Prostitution and is the Capital of Gambling and is the Capital of many more things that are Bad and or Wicked and or Evil.

In the midst of these rants, sometimes a crack of lucidity and practicality opens up.

For reading TJCG strongly recommends printing this out and then reading from hard copy in good light.

It's a good idea to work from hard copy because

there are no guarantees that HE can keep the Internet Sites out there or stable and these may be up and down or HE will be cut off short or HE will get hit by a car while walking to the other side of the street or HE will have a sudden heart attack at a young age and these then will be down permanently.

True enough. TJCG no doubt has had some emotional upset, as the following passage suggests. Oh, and that Ted looks like Jesus.

For them that are COMPLETELY HONEST it is that Ted on a Scale of 0 to 1000 looks like some popular artist renditions of Jesus at least at 900. Why? Because Ted is Jesus in the GENES and this GENETICALLY and is descended from Adam and through Noah and from David and there was a branch to Jesus and then a branch to Ted. These GENES are STRONG GENES and this is WHY the two daughters of Ted LOOK very much like Ted and not the ex-wife or that ex-family in the slightest.

Ted also seems a leetle obsessed with the Parable of the Ten Virgins.

Have we found the Internet's Henry Darger?

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As is often the case with an image-driven movie like The Triplets of Belleville, well-designed sound makes the picture. Consider the subtle whinny of horses when we see the three captives, or the banquet of squeaks and snuffs that accompany Bruno, Champion, and Mme Souza at the dinner table.

You can learn a lot from this animation salmagundi, like why the bumbling French mafia never attained the reputation for terror that its Italian counterpart did. Or how to catch a mess of frogs for dinner. At times it's hysterically funny.

The running gag of Bruno barking at the train is repeated too much, and the ending sort of trickles out.

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