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Friday, 26 March 2004

I hereby resolve to convert all of my em dashes to a supported HTML entity, —. While I'm at it, I resolve to add content-type meta tags to all of my pages.

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Leta is bummed.

posted: 3:26:17 PM  

A new shade-grown synergy, as reported by Russ Rymer: plantations of slow-growing Caesalpinia echinata, an endangered Brazilian rain-forest tree known as pau-brasil or pernambuco, and source of wood for musical instrument bows, are planned as shade for cacao trees.

posted: 2:39:06 PM  

Update on fair trade coffee from Margot Roosevelt. Sara Lee and Procter & Gamble are easing into the market, joining Dunkin' Donuts.

(Thanks to Leta.)

posted: 2:30:57 PM  

I'm looking for information about Bloomsday readings of James Joyce's Ulysses in the Washington, D.C. area in the temporal neighborhood of 16 June 2004. Kelly's Irish Times downtown used to host readings, but I suspect no more. The unpleasantness raised by the Joyce estate may have quashed plans around here. If, by any chance, you know of anything happening, please let me know by e-mail.

posted: 1:27:06 PM  

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