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Wednesday, 17 March 2004

This spam came in over the transom:

If you think you're too busy to write your life story, you need to read this!

FINALLY, a fun, easy and affordable way to write an autobiography--designed with the busy person in mind!

If you have been thinking of writing an autobiography or memoir, My Life Story, Inc. can help. Our exclusive method is similar to journal prompts and will help you write your personal history--the easy way. TRY IT FOR FREE!

--> Hundreds of fun and thought provoking questions to spark memories. --> Free newsletter to provide inspiration and a reminder to keep writing. --> Personal editing and epublishing services. --> See immediate results with just 15 MINUTES PER MONTH.

Helping BUSY people write about their lives...one story at a time.

Visit us today!

Yeah, it's what you'd expect, a low-impact vanity press deal. But the battery of free questions is extensive, and some of them are posting-provoking. It's interesting that of the 100 questions or so, only a few resemble the questions that you would expect to be answered in a real autobiography, like, "What is your most underappreciated creative achievement?" or "To whom are you intellectually indebted?" or "What is your greatest failure? How did it fail?" My Life Story's questions about education skew towards high-school graduates:

What memories do you have of tenth grade? Write as many as you can think of.

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We really had to push it, but we have blocked the whole show in two rehearsals. The blocking is not particularly difficult for any one actor, since the show is structurally a series of monologues, but it's a lot of work for Andy to keep track of everyone's comings and goings. He's using a tablet computer with drawings of the ground plan to plot the scary collections of people that are in group scenes. At one point he said, "Now this is going to be a clusterbump" (he would have said something else but we had a couple of middle schoolers and a mom visiting the rehearsal).

April 1 is our off book date. I'm in denial about that right now.

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I haven't come out to many people about a certain fetish of mine. Leta knows about it, but not my mom. But sometimes something comes along and you just have to break the silence. I hope for, I desire, I covet the Hello Kitty USB Hub.

(Thanks to kottke.org.)

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