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Monday, 22 March 2004

Chapter headings of Georges Polti's 36 dramatic situations from Wordplay's archives.

posted: 9:59:58 PM  

I hope this turns out to be good news ultimately for Tower Records. That is, I hope that at least one of the five D.C. locations remains open after the consortium of creditors spins off the business they've just acquired.

(Thanks to ArtsJournal.)

posted: 9:34:26 PM  

Tidbit from Septime Webre's ballet lecture/demo tonight: look for a red light at the back of the house, behind the orchestra seats, and/or at the balcony rail. Dancers use it for spotting.

posted: 9:27:37 PM  

Dave English explains the rationale behind the 3-letter Location Identifiers for some of the airports I have used: IAD (Dulles for D.C.), CVG (Greater Cincinnati), ORF (Tidewater Virginia), ORD (O'Hare for Chicago).

(Thanks to kottke.org.)

posted: 12:52:07 PM  

I've had my mondegreen moment for the day: The title card comes up on the TV screen for the B-52's' "Deadbeat Club." Hunh. So I guess they're not really singing "dead beef club."

posted: 8:12:48 AM  

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