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Friday, 16 April 2004

The Kennedy Center this week has opened a new, well-lit pedestrian staircase leading north down to F Street N.W., and has closed the ramp-gauntlet access contrivance a few dozen yards to the east of it. For the time being, if you're on wheels, like Leta's mom, then I guess you have to come through the parking garage.

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Los Big Names, written and performed by Marga Gomez, directed by David Schweizer, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, Kennedy Center Film Theater, Washington

The evening is a series of anecdotes about Gomez's experience shooting the less-than-well-received thriller Sphere, woven through the story of her parents' divorce and fight for her affections. Some of the bits with her parents, both of them Latin entertainers in the 1960s, are interesting, and Gomez achieves some hilarity when she shows us how she discovered how much of her role was left on the cutting room floor, but this piece never rises above the writer's background in stand-up. Her caricature of Kathleen Turner is embarrassing, and some of her riffs on fellow Sphere cast members aren't worth repeating.

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