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Tuesday, 20 April 2004

According to the Pantone people (whoops, fixed the link!), my birthday color is Apricot Orange 17-1353.

You are a student of life and are constantly exploring, evaluating and probing new ideas and ideologies. You have a strong spirit and are not afraid to delve deeply into the heart of matters. You have to ability to withstand life's hurdles and challenges as long as you do not isolate yourself or become too serious. Your personal color supports your resilience. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Apricot Orange keeps your mind and heart open and available to the love and understanding that can come from others.

(Thanks to John Scalzi.)

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I very much enjoyed Selected Short Stories of John O'Hara, especially the sly, chilling obituary "Walter T. Carriman." Most of these stories flame up hot and sharp for just five or six pages, like the gem of compression, "Too Young."

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is new, sublime Möbius-twisted wit from Charlie Kaufman, realized by Michel Gondry. Comparisons to other films miss the point, but one wants to describe this as Memento crossed with Vertigo, with the technological wizardry of Pleasantville. Yet this is Kaufman's most intimate, most internal script.

There is a moment in which the image of the lovers Clementine and Joel, sprawled on the frozen surface of the Charles River, with overtones of fragility and dangerous love, melts into the teeming floor of the main waiting room at Grand Central. Joel is undergoing a treatment to make him forget Clementine, who has abandoned him, and as he disremembers, passersby in the train station digitally vanish like bugs down a drain.

Even more powerful is a flashback sequence that begins with Joel and Clementine in a bookstore. Clem has forgotten Joel, and details of the scene slide in and out of soft-focus as it some anti-Gregg Toland had photographed the scene. Joel steps out of the flashback by walking down an aisle and through the door of his friends' living room. It's a fabulous moment.

See this movie and find out the secret of the "dining dead." And see some very scary T-shirts.

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