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Monday, 26 April 2004

Whereas Sunday's run was satisfying, our first with lights start to finish, panicky costume changes and set pieces in the wrong wings, tonight's was much less so. We went cue-to-cue through the end of the show, and some bits in Act 1, then we ran most of Act 2 (almost up to the pause for Act 3). There's much more happening with sound now: I'm going to be doing Harry Woods's light little voice over a marching band playing "Simple Gifts," of all things. The actors were grumping, but all in all it was a productive, long evening. I imagine that Eileen, Rich, Brian, and the crew are just getting out of the building now.

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Tech writer David Pogue profiles Joe Clark, technical director of the Metropolitan Opera. Clark is one of the enlightened few that keep their e-mail inboxes cleared, we learn. But even more fun is the description of the low-tech thunder machine that Clark devised from a dozen baseballs and a plywood drum.

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