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Wednesday, 21 April 2004

Actors moved into the theater today, and I am really excited! Maybe it's the fact that the light cues for the first half of the show are written. (And Eileen can expect there to be about 300 of them when we're all done.) I've worked in this theater almost a dozen times, but there seemed to be a special energy there tonight.

Maybe it was the extra press coverage. Michael Toscano, who reviews community theater for the local weekly sections of the Washington Post, was there with a photographer. As was Steven Johnson. Toscano interviewed the two of us, probing me with questions like, "Do you feel a little uneasy, knowing that Steven is out there in the audience while you're performing his words?" I told him, "No, not really. I know that Steven has watched actors doing this before, and I won't be the best nor the worst," and I rattled on for a while longer. What I did not say was, "No, but I do feel uneasy talking to a reporter and I hope I don't say anything stupid like I did the last time."

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An optical scanning technique developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory enables digital replication of old, fragile vinyl and shellac sound recordings.

The technique should be able to retrieve sound from even the earliest grooved recordings from the late nineteenth century, [Mark] Roosa [director of preservation at the Library of Congress] hopes. The wax or metal cylinders on which these recordings were made had been considered too deteriorated to salvage, he says.

Now why didn't I think of that?

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