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Monday, 16 January 2006

Absolutely fascinating and frivolous: Clockr is a 24-hour clock that uses digit images from Flickr.

(Thanks to Lifehacker.)

Have you noticed that what Lifehacker gives, it takes away? For every handy time-saving tip there's an equally ingenious time-squandering gizmo.

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Languagehat blasts away at a favorite target, and I've got to say that he's spot on:

I think I've already used the phrase "mindbogglingly stupid" to describe a Safire column, and I hate repeating myself, so let me ask him one simple question: if it's a question of English phonology, how come we say inroads instead of irroads and unresolved instead of urresolved? Answer: because it's not a question of English phonology, as he could have found out by looking at a dictionary, any dictionary. Let's try irrational. What does Merriam-Webster's Collegiate say? Why, it says "Middle English, from Latin irrationalis, from in- + rationalis rational." So we're talking about Latin phonology.

I used to accept whatever William Safire wrote unquestioningly (on language, that is). Now I'll be more cautious.

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