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Thursday, 19 January 2006

Beware athena dentata, monster #3.

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Wheee! A dysfunctional laundering escapade.

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Also in The Observer is news of the latest development in the battle over the day labor site in the Town of Herndon. The site is located in the town's public works facility. The Minutemen have protested the establishment of the meeting place, claiming (as I understand them) that its presence encourages illegal immigration. Neighboring Loudoun County has moved to shut down the facility because the entrance, the county maintains, is on Loudoun's side of the town-county boundary line.

And that's the way most maps render it. The public works facility, known as the "town shop" among Elden Street Players who borrow space there for rehearsal, is at the corner of Old Ox and Rock Hill Roads, with the main entrance on Rock Hill Road. I always though it was screwy that the "town shop" was out in the county.

Comes the town attorney, Richard Kaufman, who maintains that

...the town's western boundary does not run concurrent with the Fairfax-Loudoun county line that bisects the old Herndon Police Station building. Kaufman said his study maintains the town's original boundary line, down the center of Rock Hill Road, is unchanged from when the town charter was first adopted.

This acrimonious issue may come down to a question of cartography.

posted: 4:23:24 PM  

We have a preview piece in one of the local newspapers. There's a copy-editing blunder in the lede sentence, but it's publicity nonetheless.

posted: 3:54:13 PM  

Douglas Woody Woodsum's "Fourteener 279" feels right for Salem.

My plan, God, was food
For family and fold, the head and feet for the poor. But Satan,
It seems, is breathing hot stink at me.

posted: 11:54:47 AM  

Bob and I are on the same page.

We blocked the curtain call last night. Now, Andy is doing what he can to expedite the calls by bringing us out in groups, but there are still nineteen actors to get through (as many people as were hanged in Salem... hmmm). Bob (Parris) and I are coming out as a pair of major supporting actors, and Andy said that it was okay for these pairs to do the bow-together-then-acknowledge-the-other-actor thing. I asked Bob if he wanted to do that and he said, "No, God hates a long curtain call." Good man.

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