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Wednesday, 1 February 2006

The BBC's succinct style manual:

Biannual: means twice a year; biennial means once every two years. Avoid both.

Black box: "The black box flight recorder" is permissible. "Black box" on its own is not. Many of them are in fact orange.

(Thanks to The Morning News.)

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Western Union has discontinued telegram service, effective earlier this week. Samuel Morse sent the first telegram in 1844, and

Western Union goes back to 1851 as the Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company. In 1856 it became the Western Union Telegraph Company after acquisition of competing telegraph systems. By 1861, during the Civil War, it had created a coast-to-coast network of lines.

Competitor Eastern Onion appears to be continuing with a stronger business model.

(Thanks to kottke.org.)

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Yesterday, as I headed out for the evening, I considered it a little out of the ordinary that an ABC News satellite truck was parked down the block. Here's what happened.

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