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Tuesday, 21 February 2006

A passing reference in Bill Wasik's story in the current issue of Harper's sent me off to find Komar & Melamid's Most Wanted Painting in the U.S. Mollie would like it.

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Steven D. Schafersman's article from 1994, "An Introduction to Science: Scientific Thinking and the Scientific Method" has been sitting in my bookmarks pile at Connotea for ever so long, patiently waiting a blog entry. In particular, here is his capstone explanation of what a scientific theory is and is not:

The final step of the scientific method is to construct, support, or cast doubt on a scientific theory. A theory in science is not a guess, speculation, or suggestion, which is the popular definition of the word "theory." A scientific theory is a unifying and self-consistent explanation of fundamental natural processes or phenomena that is totally constructed of corroborated hypotheses. A theory, therefore, is built of reliable knowledge—built of scientific facts—and its purpose is to explain major natural processes or phenomena.

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Russ Hexter was the guy whose name and single movie I was trying to remember when I was writing about Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One.

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An interesting graphic by Archie Tse compares artistic/athletic scores for women's Olympic figure skaters. Notice that the 50/50 divider is not quite a 45° line.

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