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Thursday, 16 February 2006

The road numbering system in Great Britain explained. Now I know.

Main trunk roads from London have single digit numbers, starting with the A1 which heads due north. The numbering continues sequentially in a clockwise direction...

(Thanks to things magazine.)

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The Remembering Site is another structured autobiography application. Access to the questions is free; $10 buys a place to record your answers. Some of the questions are darn good: "Whom did you trust and/or respect most in your life? What do you want said about you at your eulogy?" And there are special sections on living with AIDS and surviving Katrina. "Who delivered to your house? A milkman? An ice-man? A laundryman? An eggman? Did you shop with your mother? At what kind of stores?" For the record, my grandmother's house had milk delivery; we took 2% milk and watery orange juice.

(Thanks to kottke.org.)

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Warren Harrison, editor of IEEE Software, speaks out against "URLs of mystery," those ZQX3-laden strings produced by content management systems (CMSs) and that pass for resource identifiers.

One of my favorite pastimes is emailing friends URLs of pages I happen to come across while browsing the Web.... However, as CMSs have become more ubiquitous, this has become harder and harder to do. Recently, I tried to send a potential author a link to our Author Guide. Shockingly, the URL on that page... is 170 characters long. Most mail clients end up wrapping the URL across several lines on the receiving end, requiring the recipient to do major surgery on the string just to load the page.

Escaping that monster with & entities so that it can be embedded in HTML adds another 20 characters.

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