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Thursday, 23 February 2006

Leta gets a paragraph all to herself in Michael Toscano's notice of her show, I Never Sang for My Father.

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If I had the time and money to devote, here are the classes I would take to help me become a better actor:

  • Voice and breath support: I still need help developing power and volume, though I think I'm getting better at it. My voice sometimes gets lost in the CenterStage theater, especially when I'm positioned upstage.
  • At the Studio Theatre's school, there is a class called Character and Emotion, known more informally as Crying on Cue.
  • Working with a mask: how can you convey character without words, without your eyes?
  • Shakespeare, a lifelong study.
  • Anything that improves my awareness of what I'm doing with my body, and that opens up new possibilities. I'm tall, and naturally head-centered, so I have an unfortunate tendency to hunch over on stage, like Snoopy's vulture persona.
Dialects and vocal qualities I do okay with: I have a couple passable American Southerns, a Cockney, and a British RP (BBC English). What I don't do well are Celtics and Brooklyn.

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Today is National Chili Day, at least at Hard Times. Get a free bowl with purchase.

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