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Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Another perplexing pair: John Weidman, collaborator with Stephen Sondheim and author of the book for Pacific Overtures; and John Edgar Wideman, novelist and author of the Homewood trilogy.

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Happy 60th birthday to ENIAC, invented by pioneers Eckert and Mauchly. The 6-minute video from CNET also credits them with the invention of an important peripheral, Das Blinkenlights.

(Thanks to robot wisdom.)

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Q: What comes after once, twice, thrice?

A: Nothing, I'm afraid. These three are the only words of their type, and no further terms in the series have ever existed (the suggestion of 'quince' for `five times' is picturesque but no more!). Presumably the language has not felt the lack of them.

The elders of Oxford hedge on the origins of "OK."

(Thanks to The Morning News.)

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