David Gorsline, middle-aged cranky guy. No longer middle-aged, still cranky.
Reston, Virginia; Fairfax County; the suburbs of Washington, D.C. 36th district, Virginia House of Delegates; 32nd district, Virginia Senate; 11th Virginia district, U.S. House of Representatives. Difficult Run, Potomac River, and Chesapeake Bay watersheds. Piedmont physiographic province, just northwest of the fall zone and the Coastal Plain; North American Plate. Oak-hickory forest community of the Eastern deciduous forest complex. The Atlantic Flyway. At the boundary between zones of humid subtropical climate (Köppen-Gieger Cfa) and humid continental (Dfa). Laniakea supercluster.
Grew up in the Midwest; lived on the East Coast since Jimmy Carter was president. Mathematical economist by education; software developer by profession. Love Mom and Leta. Very casual baseball, ice hockey, and women’s basketball fan. Community theater actor and technician; 20-year volunteer textbook reader for Learning Ally. Look around for birds and plants, take longer hikes whenever I can. Certificate in Natural History Field Studies, granted by Audubon Naturalist Society (and the former Graduate School USA). Ambivalent about itemized lists.
Because I was running out of hosting space for my previous blog, and pedantic nuthatch: the musical! wasn’t working for me as a name.
A less succinct version of this story.

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