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Stories in sound: 1

Cory Turner listens to the work of neurobiologist Nina Kraus: an audio-driven screener for children at risk of literacy challenges.

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Group photo

I’m in the back with Patrick.

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Stupid Fucking Bird

Aaron Posner’s “sort of” adaptation, the play with the name that many news media won’t reproduce verbatim, takes Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull and feeds it back on itself with the gain turned to 11. Just as William Forsythe hyperextended the … Continue reading

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Yes, A-M is on the list

Cleaning out the e-mail folders and bookmarks: here’s a list of notable graduates and attendees of Northwestern University. That’s all.

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Happy Birthday, Michael

I’ve missed a year or two, but I hope today is a special day for you. And I’m glad that the Catalogue of Ships archive is still available.

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No Tang for the 600,000

Martin Austermuhle pulls a screen capture from Stephen Colbert’s recent “analysis” of Newt Gingrich’s plans to enfranchise 13,000 Moon colonists, prospectively granting them statehood.

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Warning! Warning!

Dick Tufeld, voice of the Robot in TV’s Lost in Space (the only character who sounded remotely grounded in reality), has passed away. (News via Leta.)

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Reading list

‘Tis Poetry Month once again, and Patrick Cooper points to Jay Parini’s list of ten American poems then “have left the deepest mark on US literature – and me.” Robert Lowell is more or less unknown to me, and Parini’s … Continue reading

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In the Next Room or the vibrator play

Sarah Ruhl’s script plays it straight for most of In the Next Room or the vibrator play, reserving her trademark theatricality for the satisfying ending. Indeed, it’s a play that accomplishes some of its best moments in the shared silences … Continue reading

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