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It Don’t Worry Me

Barbara Harris, owner of the closing moments of Nashville, has taken her last bow. ᔥ ArtsJournal

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What do you see?

Always good advice: from Elisabeth Sherman with the Whitney: So, if you have a… negative gut reaction, one of defensiveness or fear or anxiety or rejection, maybe try to move past that and see what’s available afterwards. ᔥ kottke.org

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I’m on the TV with Puff

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Bisha TV

Confronting a repressive regime, with satirical puppets.

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Since 1835

Washington’s National Theater quite recently gave up its rope-and-sandbags rigging system: it was one of the last of the “hemp houses.” Rebecca Cooper has the story for Washington Business Journal, and there is good video about the transition to the … Continue reading

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Time heals

A message of hope from Vi Hart.

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Upcoming: 46

Dan Hurlin, who created the amazing Disfarmer, in preparation of a suite of Futurist plays by Fortunato Depero, Demolishing Everything with Amazing Speed.

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Don’t go up that green ramp, #1115! The first of Metro’s 1000-series cars is taken out of service, to live on a nice farm.

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How does it feel

To sweeten a Blue Saturday, Orkestra Obsolete plays New Order’s “Blue Monday” using only instruments and technology available in the 1930s. ᔥ kottke.org and @tcarmody

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On the island

Emily Graslie talks to Robb Telfer about his work to conserve Illinois’s only endemic flowering plant, Kankakee Mallow (Iliamna remota), to Langham Island in the Kankakee River.1 1 USDA PLANTS lists I. remota as a synonym for the more widely … Continue reading

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Baritone Darth

Lee, Randi, and Charlie, meet Frank Oglesby, voice of the MBTA.

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Featuring (now) full-time colleagues Alex and Maanvi. And check out the cameo by Stacey at 1:39.

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That sound you hear is my head exploding

Chris Ware, Ira Glass, Nico Muhly, and John Kuramoto, d.b.a. “Phoobis,” create an animated cover for this week’s issue of The New Yorker. Guest-starring a former Secretary of State. ᔥ kottke.org

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The best part is when he stops for gas

This showed up on VH-1 this morning. It’s easily the dullest, lamest video that the 80s has to offer.

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He had me at the mbira

If your cellphone rings in the middle of a John Cage concert, Paolo Angeli knows what to do with it: he’ll fine some way to wedge it into his baritone guitar. A musicologist’s wet dream.

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