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Monday, 9 February 2004

...a-a-and a different view of ABT's performance last Tuesday, from Sarah Kaufman:

In the dispiriting fog that Tuesday's performance by American Ballet Theatre left behind, it is difficult to identify the most horrific moment.

I am instructed by Kaufman's notes on Raymonda. I thought it odd that Ballet Theatre presented yet another repackaging of the full-length piece. But she and I differ on the Harrison suite. When she writes about the "spiritual explorations and musical complexities in the six songs," I want to say, "Lighten up: it's nothing but pop music."

(Thanks again to ArtsJournal.)

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A follow-up to my notes on The Company from Joan Acocella:

Money, counts, placement at the barre: these are matters one doesn't often hear about in ballet movies. It is not just for their accuracy that I praise The Company for including them. The accuracy makes the film more interesting. One thing about the real: it seems real. It has the strange, nubbly, tractive feel of reality. And so it snags us, pulls us in.

(Thanks to ArtsJournal.)

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The corrugated steel tube that carries a blacktop footpath under South Lakes Drive near the shopping center has heaved out of the ground about six inches, popping up the pavement above it. Adds a little extra humpty-hump to my drive home from that part of town.

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We moved into the theater today. The sofa and side chair are just wooden boxes at this point, with no padding or fabric. The window unit looks terrific. The New York skyline behind it has that exaggerated perspective, the sloping lines that you see in Saul Bass's title sequence for North by Northwest.

We restaged some of the set changes, with the hope that this doesn't become a play about moving the desk. Much forgetting of lines, especially by me, because everything is a little out of place. Also because Laura (taking a class downtown) and Matt were not with us. Much banging into the furniture, especially by Michael K., who whirled around to make an exit and nearly crashed into the Kandinsky on its easel (sorry, Mr. Guare, we didn't build a unit to spin it around in its frame). Thus much merriment and cutting up, again from Michael K.

EB is costuming us. So far it looks like everything for Larkin is coming out of my closet. Who'd have thought I dress like a foundation director in 1990? Well, that might have been the last year I bought nice clothes.

Leta and I went to Nordstrom a couple of weeks ago to find a costume jewelry ring that could serve as a wedding band. We teased our friends Roger and Roxanne (who don't understand why we don't get married) that we're going ring shopping.

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