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Tuesday, 17 February 2004

I thought that I was going to evade set-change responsibilities, but I received an assignment this evening. I have to unhitch a rope, which will take out the Central Park foliage drop, right after the "we found a dead body" duologue.

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Timothy Mangan gets downright cranky about commonplace standing ovations:

A standing ovation is a judgment. It means that what you have just heard is not only outstanding, but so completely superb that you cannot bear to stay in your seat and clap. If you go to concerts and operas regularly, a nice ratio for standing ovations conferred might be one concert in 10. Even more discerning, one in 20. A standing ovation is an A-plus, with extra points for effort. Everyone shouldn't get one.

If you go to one or two concerts a year (or a decade—or if it's the first damn concert you've ever been to), you really have no business giving a standing ovation. You don't have a broad enough sampling for judgment.

I cannot argue with him.

(Thanks to ArtsJournal.)

(A previous posting on this topic.)

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