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Wednesday, 11 February 2004

I learn from a radio spot on WBIG that something called Cinema Show is coming to the Warner Theatre this weekend. It sounds ghastly ghastly.

A one-of-a-kind musical experience, CINEMASHOW-THE MOVIE MUSICAL combines the excitement of a Broadway style song and dance extravaganza with the greatest movies ever created. With a full company of singers and dancers and the big screen, you'll relive film's great musical and dance moments from such movies as The Way We Were, Flashdance, Moulin Rouge, My Fair Lady and Men In Black to name but a few.

I should have known: it's an attraction from Atlantic City that's skipped town, perhaps trying to make its investment back.

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I just got a piece of spam encoded completely in HTML entities, clearly in an attempt to slip through filters. (As I protect my published e-mail address by encoding it in the same way, I suppose that's fair.) But since my e-mail client doesn't render HTML, the slimy huckster's message is completely incomprehensible. Try again, you chewers of navel lint!

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