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Thursday, 19 February 2004

I really want to know what sort of Cloud-Cuckooland has replaced the patch of ground downtown across from Lafayette Park. It's been three years of economic policy without benefit of reality, culminating in the recent cynically unrealistic employment forecast.

Now comes a report and campaign from the Union of Concerned Scientists accusing the Bush administration of systematic distortions of research results in the hard sciences in the service of policy goals.

From the story as reported in the New York Times:

"I don't see it as a partisan issue at all," said Russell Train, who... served as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency under Presidents Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford. "If it becomes that way I think it's because the White House chooses to make it a partisan issue."

From the home page of the UCS campaign, "Restoring Scientific Integrity:"

Across a broad range of issues—from childhood lead poisoning and mercury emissions to climate change, reproductive health, and nuclear weapons—the [Bush] administration is distorting and censoring scientific findings that contradict its policies; manipulating the underlying science to align results with predetermined political decisions; and undermining the independence of science advisory panels by subjecting panel nominees to political litmus tests that have little or no bearing on their expertise; nominating non-experts or underqualified individuals from outside the scientific mainstream or with industry ties; as well as disbanding science advisory committees altogether.

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