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Monday, 23 February 2004


You were designed to make sure that attorneys in
federal cases make reasonable inquiries into
fact or law before submitting pleadings,
motions, or other papers. You were a real
hardass in 1983, when you snuffed out all legal
creativity from federal proceedings and
embarassed well-meaning but overzealous
attorneys. You loosened up a bit in 1993, when
you began allowing plaintiffs to make
allegations in their complaints that are likely
to have evidenciary support after discovery,
and when you allowed a 21 day period for the
erring attorney to withdraw the errant motion.
Sure, you keep everything running on the up and
up, but it's clear that things would be a lot
more fun without you around.

Which Federal Rule of Civil Procedure Are You?
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posted: 10:49:00 PM  

I am such an enabler. I bought Leta a copy of Brandon Bird's Law & Order coloring book, which she loves.

posted: 10:18:08 PM  

Charlize Theron lives up to the hype in the dentistry-as-destiny movie Monster. Beyond her swaggering glare, her apprehensive rictus, what I find remarkable in her portrayal of a fictionalized Aileen Wuornos are the light, feminine touches in her work: the way she ecstatically rolls down the side of a building after an evening with Selby; the way she flirtatiously tugs a mailbox open; the way she tosses her hair forward and back, a no-nonsense fluff that means she's ready for business. Another detail that must be noted is her first conversation with Tom: most of her dialogue is mumbled through a mouthful of white-bread sandwich.

I can't imagine anyone else playing this role.

posted: 9:10:26 PM  

NPR mash-up: Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, Astrud Astrid Gilberto, and others sing "Fly Me to the Moon," written by Bart Howard, who died on Saturday.

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