The year in review

Meme via Pondering Pikaia: the first sentence of the first post of each month from this blog:

  • January 4: Via things magazine, a museum of strange and rarely used HTML tags.
  • February 4: Charles Isherwood articulates why I was underwhelmed when I read Tom Stoppard’s trilogy The Coast of Utopia.
  • March 1: Arthur Lubow submits an instructive profile of aptly-named photographer Jeff Wall, whose lightbox-mounted transparencies are measured in feet, not inches.
  • April 1: After nearly a year of operating under dual and provisional corporate badges, we have a new company name, to be pronounced “vo-vee-see.”
  • May 1: Ruth La Ferla profiles designer Santo Loquasto.
  • June 3: I recorded Stuart Hart’s 1997 paper for Harvard Business Review, “Beyond Greening,” at the the studio yesterday, as part of a collection of articles on organization development.
  • July 2: Katherine Ellison looks at today’s carbon offset market.
  • August 1: Via The Morning News: Michael Bloomberg can’t be bothered to take the local IRT and change at 59th Street.
  • September 3: I had just a little time yesterday morning, before we scurried off to the theater, to get out for the first International Rock-Flipping Day, so I poked around in the wooded strip between my townhouse cluster and the middle school grounds.
  • October 2: Once again WordPress has reworked the category system.
  • November 2: Ben Schuman Stoler revisits the District boundary stones.
  • December 2: Rorschach Theatre turns in a gritty, muscular production of David Grimm’s tale of political intrigue and misplaced loyalty.