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Pennsylvania Boogie-Woogie

ICYMI: An archive of conceptual designs for Metro’s system map by Massimo Vignelli.

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On the radio: 9

Aspirational Inbox Zero. That’s my froggy voice, starting at 0:29.

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New York getaway 2019

Snaps from a long weekend in New York. It turns out that my hotel is in the flower district of Chelsea. A nicer streetscape look, when compared to most of the residential streets, which were covered in dead Christmas trees. … Continue reading

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Peggy cleans herself

Perhaps the most frightening element is the lampshade that catches fire every night: props and animal wrangling on the set of The Ferryman.

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The Waverly Gallery

Kenneth Lonergan accomplishes a feat of mimesis with his text for Gladys (the masterful Elaine May), who manages a genteelly unsuccessful art gallery on New York’s Waverly Place and who is gradually succumbing to dementia. It’s a work that calls … Continue reading

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Sheep and goats

Maggie Jones offers a remembrance of Aiko Herzig Yoshinaga, archivist.

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A beautiful one-frame visualization of the geology of the Mid-Atlantic by Kat Cantner, courtesy of Callan Bentley.

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The year in review, 2018

So what happened to November? The lede for eleven first posts of the past months: 4 January: O, I miss you sweetie. 3 February: A lush, ostinato-less “Every Breath You Take,” in the lobby of Navy Federal Credit Union, Reston … Continue reading

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My year in books, 2018

Some favorite authors and topics are the highlights this year, but no five-star titles. 2017’s list 2016’s list 2015’s list 2014’s list

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Within you without you

Jackson [Pollock] had said, “I am nature.” In her paintings, Lee [Krasner] recognized nature as within us, without us, before us, and after us. As a continuum. As a religion. Humankind formed a part of it, but not nearly so … Continue reading

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My year in hikes and field trips, 2018

Much more fun in the field this year—and more learnings! I treated myself to upgraded binoculars. Patuxent River, Prince George’s County, Md., led by Stephanie Mason and Cathy Stragar The Glade, Reston, Fairfax County, Va. Cheverly parks, Prince George’s County, … Continue reading

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Alex Vadukul limns Sir Shadow, artist of the Bowery’s Whitehouse Hotel. “A man with a million dollars doesn’t have what I have. “All that matters to me is the next poem,” he added. “The next drawing. And I have to … Continue reading

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“Move your chair”

Timothy Semon, stage manager for the current production of Network, is onstage in a glass box. ᔥ ArtsJournal

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Upcoming: 52

Ten more shows to see this coming year! A new WATCH member company to visit (Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre) and some old standbys to judge. And four TBD’s. Goldman, The Lion in Winter Dietz, Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure Levin, … Continue reading

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My year in cities, 2018

Much more traveling this year than usual! Overnight stays in 2018: Portsmouth, New Hampshire Lubec, Washington County, Maine Ellsworth, Hancock County, Maine Concord, Massachusetts Shepherdstown, Jefferson County, West Virginia 1 2 3 4 5 Skyland Resort, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia … Continue reading

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