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Love and Information

enigmatic 70 possible short scenes, merely text, no characters, no given situations love memory palace missing information the impossibility of describing the sensation of fear, of plain, of longing shotgun DNA sequencing love and remembrance cocktails and [illegible] interrogation and … Continue reading

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In the Heights

In the Heights is a richly-textured soundscape and dancescape of immigrant life in New York’s Washington Heights in the early years of this century. From the broad strokes of redevelopment pressures to the fine details of transit (“There’s no 9 … Continue reading

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This is what we so often find when searching for history—emptiness, quiet, acres of mowed grass. Battlefields where hundreds of men died on a single day become vast, pristine lawns, as lovely as a landscape by Constable or van Gogh, … Continue reading

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VNPS 2017: Ferns with Carl and Jerry Taylor

Carl and Jerry Taylor did a fern-intensive walk, bushwhacking up ravines from the C&O Canal towpath near Snyder’s Landing. We sorted out our Dryopteris species, among them Intermediate Woodfern (D. intermedia) (left, and with sori, right) and Marginal Woodfern (D. … Continue reading

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VNPS 2017: Ice Mountain Preserve

Kevin Dodge, Shirley Gay, and Steve Kite led a walk though Ice Mountain Preserve. The northwest face of the ridge is an immense talus slope, as the North River gradually eats away at the base of the mountain. The pores … Continue reading

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The Arsonists

Woolly Mammoth takes a bold step… into the past, with its mounting of a play from the mid-20th century. The Swiss playwright Max Frisch’s fable, first presented in 1958 (as Biedermann und die Brandstifter) and in a new translation by … Continue reading

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Smart animals

Netting bats on the ashes of a Staten Island landfill, from Laura Bliss. A lot of New Yorkers still think of Freshkills as a dump, [Danielle Fibikar] says, even though it’s coming back to life. The place is misunderstood, sort … Continue reading

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My name is…

Wolf Trap Opera company offers some guidance to Studio Artist applicants about preparing a one-minute spoken monologue. … when we briefly remove the vocal [i.e., musical] component, we sometimes have a chance to learn a bit more about the actor … Continue reading

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Clyde Haberman gets relative about baseball. Oh yeah, what about Maris hitting his 61 in a longer season than Ruth had, and at a time when pitching strength was diluted by major league expansion?

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Turkey Run Ridge

For Labor Day, a 5-mile loop in 3:50 through Prince William Forest Park. More or less tracking the hike in PATC’s Hikes in the Washington Region, Part B. My edition is from 1993, so some crossings have been rerouted since … Continue reading

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Unintended consequences

Ed Yong reports on research by Jianqiang Wu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences into one of my favorite creepy plants: dodder (Cuscuta sp.). Wu’s work indicates that distinct plants parasitized by a connecting dodder vine can use it to … Continue reading

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Alex Vadukul visits the 13th Street Repertory Company, an Off Off Broadway venue in Greenwich Village from way back: equal parts Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland in the old barn and You Can’t Take It with You: … a man … Continue reading

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A few days ago, I was flipping back through my posts from my California trip in 2011, including notes I made at Tenaya Lake. In today’s paper, Daniel Duane explains how it got that name, and the story isn’t pretty. … Continue reading

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A mystery: 11

In the course of researching the life of Laura Lyon White (Mrs. Lovell White), I came across an interesting turn of events concerning LLW’s estate. Laura’s husband, Lovell, a banker, died in 1910. Laura died in 1916. Their one surviving … Continue reading

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Studio 360 listens while soprano Lily Arbisser calls cues for the Met Opera’s titles operator.

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