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And whoever makes up the story makes up the world, Daniel said. So always try to welcome people into the home of your story. That’s my suggestion. —Ali Smith, Autumn, p. 119

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A mystery: 11: solved

Thanks to Cameron Binkley and his librarian contacts at the California Academy of Sciences, I now have confirmation that Laura White’s memorial to her husband, as specified in her will, was indeed realized at CAS. According to academy’s 1958 annual … Continue reading

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A meditation from ten years ago, in honor of our anniversary.

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Suddenly is a captivating dramatization of a suite of short stories (cryptic little tales, more precisely) by Edgar Keret, employing puppets, live video, and actors. Here, the puppets and scenery are scaled to the frame of a video lens: a … Continue reading

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Lauren Gunderson on the most durable social media outlet: live storytelling. Theater is not on demand. Rather it asks you to show up on time and focus in order to experience the intimate intensity of its medium.

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Respect for acting

Hilary Howard reports on the precarious state of independent acting conservatories in New York. To stay afloat, many have partnered with universities (at the cost of higher fees for their students). The Knickerbocker’s showcase is now online (which makes sense, … Continue reading

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Top Girls

Keegan Theatre delivers a solid production of this story of the accomplished businesswoman Marlene (Karina Hilleard), recently promoted to managing director of her employment agency, who may be having second thoughts about the sacrifices she has made to ensure her … Continue reading

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Passings: 4

I received word that Steven Mead Johnson, whom I portrayed in The Laramie Project in 2004, has passed away, by way of a friend of Steven’s. In reply, I wrote, I was saddened to learn of Steven’s passing. He was … Continue reading

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The Pajama Game

The standouts in this frothy entertainment are old school Eddie Korbich as Hines, the officious time and motion man, and Prez, played with gawky grace by Blakely Slaybaugh. Korbich gets his taps on for “Think of the Time I Save” … Continue reading

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Blockhouse Point Conservation Park

On a drizzly Sunday morning, Carole Bergmann led a walk through Blockhouse Point Conservation Park. Fall colors were quite good, the Pawpaws getting ready to drop their leaves. This Sensitive Fern is packing it in for the season. Fellow walker … Continue reading

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Our Town

Aaron Posner’s production of Our Town relaxes some of the strictures of its traditional presentation, without losing the spirit of Wilder’s play. Instead of a pair of ladders, there are set pieces for the Gibbs and Webb houses, facing one … Continue reading

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Serendipity, again

Another piece by one of our journalists was cited in one of the textbooks that I’m recording for Learning Ally: Neda Ulaby, “Sapiosexual Seeks Same: A New Lexicon Enters Online Dating Mainstream,” cited in James M. Henslin, Sociology: A Down-to-Earth … Continue reading

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Human capital

When and how did GDP and other money-based metrics replace all other measures of well-being in this country? Until the 1850s, in fact, by far the most popular and dominant form of social measurement in 19th-century America (as in Europe) … Continue reading

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To do

The next time I’m in Connecticut, I gotta check out Stew Leonard’s.

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Some links: 79

And two pieces about what’s happening with water in the West: Luke Runyon checks in with a water district in Colorado that has imposed water taxes on itself, lest the aquifer that it depends on run dry. Dale Kasler and … Continue reading

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