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.d0t:: a RotoPlastic Ballet

Pointless Theatre’s latest offering is an interesting blend of low- and high-tech stick puppetry and video projections. In a strange futurescape populated only by robots — yet powered by the life forces of Navi, the one remaining human — a … Continue reading

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At the park: 90

From my last report to the nest box team: Much activity in the boxes so far this year! We’ve had nests in 14 of the 16 boxes. Of these, box #2 has already hatched out (unfortunately, only 8 of 22 … Continue reading

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Fun Home

Alison Bechdel’s unflinching memoir, translated into musical theater, has effectively managed the transition from chamber musical to a more conventional proscenium, big-theater setting. Nevertheless, it is the quieter song moments that are most effective: Abby Corrigan captures the joy of … Continue reading

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Full bloom

The azaleas around my house are going crazy. Just a reminder to myself that this dumpy little place is still pretty fine.

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One of tens of thousands

Life achievement unlocked: today for the first time I marched in a major political protest on the streets of Washington, D.C. As a member of the March for Science, I walked from the Washington Monument grounds, within sight of the … Continue reading

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Alice blue

I was consolidating some old files of clippings and I found this gift from 1990 David: a copy of Nicholson Baker’s story, “Room Temperature.” And yet I had always envied normal households that had (besides aluminum screen doors whose hissing … Continue reading

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For Leta: 6

“Lisburn Road,” by Michael Hofmann. A trunk holding a suitcase holding a holdall, The travel equivalent of the turducken…

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Dark slope

“The Bear,” by Amit Majmudar. A word peeked sometimes from the cave mouth only to shuffle back,

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Akiko Busch suggests that we learn the names of some of our rivers and other natural features. The name of the Brazos River in Texas was derived from the Spanish Rio de los Brazos de Dios, meaning the “River of … Continue reading

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Richard Bolles has passed away. Early in my career, as I blundered my way into writing software for a living, I turned to his books for guidance. I’m not sure that he provided any specific, useful advice, but I was … Continue reading

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From the coffee and birds file: Juan Medrano et al. at the University of California, Davis have published the genome of Coffea arabica.

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TIL the New York Times does not have a rule in its style manual concerning capitalization of the titles of artistic works set in lower case by their creators. It does call for following American capitalization rules for the titles … Continue reading

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Spark decoded

“Guy’s account,” said Henry, “is substantially the same as the others, with the most interesting exception that he gets Tol calls from London at between six and seven in the evening when the cheap rate is on. In his opinion … Continue reading

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Leonard decoded

This one isn’t too obscure, but Leonard’s rendering of the company name is idiosyncratic: “You cut the wire,” Donnell said. “Is that all?” Chris brought out the Spyder-Co knife that was always in his right-hand coat pocket. “Here, you do … Continue reading

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Not looking good for the Arcade

Ted Rall offers one explanation for what happened (is happening) to Dayton, Ohio.

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