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Another source

Richard Conniff makes the case for a carbon tax on beef. Agriculture, including cattle raising, is our third-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, after the energy and industrial sectors. * * * Beef and dairy cattle together account for an … Continue reading

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I’m on the TV with Puff

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Potomac River

Cathy Stragar and Stephanie Mason led a walk Sunday down the C&O Canal towpath from Point of Rocks to Monocacy, rescheduled from a rainy February day, and it was worth the delay: enough sun, not too cool, calm winds. And … Continue reading

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Uncommon lucidity

Google, his mother says. The new new found land. Not so long ago it was only the mentally deranged, the unworldly pedants, the imperialists and the naivest of schoolchildren who believed that encyclopaediae gave you any equivalence for the actual … Continue reading

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Nom nom nom

Jawbreaker OTD. Myxomycetophagy: drawing nutrition, as in some beetles, from slime molds, both their spores and plasmodia. In Novozhilov et al., “Ecology and Distribution of Myxomycetes,” in Stephenson and Rojas, Myxomycetes (2017).

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At the park: 93

Monitoring of nest boxes for Wood Duck and Hooded Merganser has commenced at Huntley Meadows. We had planned to get started on 25 February, but we were rained out. From my first report: As I expected, we already have nests … Continue reading

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For Leta: 7

Dara Weir’s “in the still of the night” at Poetry Daily. no crickets, no crickets singing

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Danai Gurira’s engaging drama takes a new angle on the ever-intriguing clash of cultures. In this play, Donald (avuncular Kim Sullivan) and Marvelous (stick-straight Inga Ballard), émigrés from Zimbabwe and now naturalized American citizens living in Minnesota, are preparing for … Continue reading

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Squeeze Waves REM

All the more difficult in my case, since at the present time I have boxes of mix tapes for two: “Party like it’s 1989: What should you do with all those old cassette mix tapes?”, by John Kelly.

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Superb owls

Integrated pest management in Israel teams up with cross-border cooperation, as Josie Glausiusz reports.

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Bisha TV

Confronting a repressive regime, with satirical puppets.

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Cheverly parks

Sunday afternoon, I crossed over to the east side of the city to walk, bird, and botanize with Matt Salo in two parks in Cheverly, Md.: the Nature Park and the wilder bits of Cheverly-Euclid Neighborhood Park. The Nature Park, … Continue reading

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Great Backyard Bird Count 2018

On the Sunday after our brief snows, I made a very fast trip to the Glade. Only 15 species in 0:45, and a couple of expected species that didn’t show. But I got my RSHA.

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Washington’s National Theatre may have converted its rigging system from hemp ropes and sandbags to lines and counterweights, but there remain a few houses (and eight of them on Broadway) that use the nautical system, as Lisa Lacroce Patterson reports. … Continue reading

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Some links: 83

Some links, Wild Card Edition: Andrea Appleton’s report: Chris Swan uses vacant lots in Baltimore (there are 14,000 at present) as experimental ecology plots. Callan Bentley road tests a tool for teaching his geology students what went on in the … Continue reading

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