New ballpark

leadoff man tries a buntTuesday evening, Leta and I took in the game at the Nationals’ new ballpark. A well-pitched game that ended, alas, with a 1-0 loss to the Phillies.

that big scoreboardWe hard fairly good seats, down the right field line, so I craned over my shoulder to see the new, very sharp scoreboard. Too bad that it wasn’t put to better use for some of the replays: many of us missed a good look at a close play at the plate.

hometown crowdThe new stadium hasn’t acquired much local character yet, but I do like the formstone used for the backstop. Local materials, y’know. The main promenade around the park is at street level, which makes for easy circulation, and I like the local restaurants with food outlets at the park. Next time I’ll get there early enough to make it through the line for Ben’s Chili Bowl as well as to watch BP.

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