The first order meme

Via Apt. 11D, the first order that I can find in my history at was placed on 8 March 1997: Pogue and Schorr, Macworld Macintosh Secrets, 4/e; Sterrit, The Films of Alfred Hitchcock; and Steinbach, The Birth of the World as We Know It: Or Teiresias. The Steinbach has gone to the great library sale in the sky, and the Mac book is buried in a box somewhere with old COBOL manuals, but the Sterritt is still around.

I think that I placed an online order or two with CDnow before I bought anything from, but those records are long gone.

Okay, here’s something silly: the order history page for those 13-year-old purchases offers a Return Items button. (But if you click through the next page says that the items are not eligible for return.)