The year in review, 2009

The first sentence (more or less) of the first post of each month from this blog:

  • 2 January: WATCH assignments for the calendar year were distributed over the holiday break.
  • 2 February: wood s lot reminds us that it is James Joyce’s birthday.
  • 1 March: Only a light frosting of snow this morning on the still-sleeping woods (the bigger dump is expected this evening).
  • 3 April: “Midmost of the black-soiled Iowa plain, watered only by a shallow and insignificant creek, the city of Nautilus bakes and rattles and glistens.”
  • 1 May: Via Arts & Letters Daily, Stuart Jeffries explores the recent population explosion of bangs…
  • 2 June: Lawrence M. Hanks et al. have captured on video a Common Raven (Corvus corax) in Death Valley NP that has learned how to turn on a campground water spigot to get a drink.
  • 2 July: The last play in August Wilson’s cycle of Pittsburgh plays, Radio Golf, is set in 1997, at a time when the city’s black upper-middle class is enjoying both economic good fortune and the prospect of genuine political power.
  • 2 August: Michael Weller’s Fifty Words heads up the list of five plays (featuring two pianos!) presented at another fine festival in Shepherdstown.
  • 6 September: Some tidbits from the most recent newsletter from Friends of Huntley Meadows Park…
  • 3 October: “At the heart of the Park idea is this notion…”
  • 1 November: George Plimpton’s hockey book is back in print…
  • 2 December: I came across the following turn of phrase in Chapter 13 of So Big.

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