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Now, the linden, it turns out, is a radical tree, as different from an oak as a woman is from a man. It’s the bee tree, the tree of peace, whose tonics and teas can cure every kind of tension … Continue reading

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The sizing on the canvas

Twenty Thousand Hertz goes into the booth with a loop group.

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Small Mouth Sounds

Bess Wohl’s rewarding, at times challenging play drops six seekers (four strangers and one couple) of varying degrees of attainment into a five-day meditation retreat somewhere in the mountains of the East Coast. What not all of them were aware … Continue reading

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Gravity is the weakest of all known forces (think of how easily a tiny fridge magnet overcomes the downward pull of a planet-sized mass).

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New to me

Justin Kaplan explains what additional skills a Doctor of Osteopathy brings to the examining room: Put simply, “we as DOs were holistic before holistic became cool,” says William Mayo, president of the American Osteopathic Association. DOs are trained to look … Continue reading

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Wolf Trap mushrooms

William Needham led a walk focused on fungi. He delivered our destination species, the diminutive fall-fruiting Red Chanterelle (Cantharellus cinnabarinus) in a corner of the park that most concertgoers never visit. On the way back to the cars, another participant … Continue reading

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Melancholy Play: A Contemporary Farce

Is there another playwright who shows such skill at introducing characters as Sarah Ruhl? Consider the poetic exposition in which we meet supporting characters Frank and Frances: in a double monologue, each speaking virtually the same text, we learn that … Continue reading

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It Don’t Worry Me

Barbara Harris, owner of the closing moments of Nashville, has taken her last bow. ᔥ ArtsJournal

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Cricket Crawl 2018

Home football game, nice weather, and the last weekend before school starts, so the listening wasn’t that great for Team Reston for this year’s Cricket Crawl. Heard during my 1-minute sample: Common True Katydid (Pterophylla camellifolia) and Lesser Anglewing (Microcentrum … Continue reading

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Mamie Johnson remembers mid-fifties life on the road for the Indianapolis Clowns of the Negro leagues, in Michelle Y. Green’s first-person biography, A Strong Right Arm: The Story of Mamie “Peanut” Johnson: Sometimes that raggedy old bus would break down … Continue reading

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Shenandoah National Park getaway 2018

I took a two-night trip to Shenandoah National Park, staying in this adorable cabin on the Skyland property, one of the oldest cabins in the park. Black-and-White Warbler (Mniotila varia) seen from the porch. The first day, I did a … Continue reading

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Phenology notes: 1

Last sighting for this season of a neighborhood Gray Catbird attacking its reflection in my patio door: 5 August 2018.

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Small beauties

Bas Bleu contemplates grace: The corollary to this—something I also frequently fail to recognize—is that I can be a grace in the lives of those around me, by being kind, by being attentive, by showing recognition and appreciation. By picking … Continue reading

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Nikhil Sonnad, Everything bad about Facebook is bad for the same reason: [Facebook] has its own grand project—to turn the human world into one big information system. This is, it goes without saying, nowhere near as terrible as the project … Continue reading

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For Leta: 8

“A Letter from the End of Days (Come In. Clean the House. We Have Died.)” by Malachi Black, at Poetry Daily. … there is nothing else to help you. There is no one here at all.

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