Fairfax Cross County Trail, MM39-MM37

Just in case anyone is listening, the marker post for the Fairfax Cross County Trail on the south side of Silverbook Road at White Spruce Way is down. It’s especially hard for someone coming from the north side of Silverbook to pick up the trail, which continues unpaved and otherwise unmarked along the south side of the road. This trouble spot is about 100 yards from the place where the trail is informally rerouted around a closure of the trail for about 10 yards, right at the corner of the old prison facility.

repurposedImmediately behind me, as I made this image, is a rather birdy spot, considering the time and season. It’s waste ground in a little hollow, filled with tangled veg (and at least some rubbish). Flycatchers like the vantage point of the top of the old fence, at least where there is a rail for perching.