Silver Line progress report: 22

I spent one of my votes on a write-in candidate in Metro’s poll on station names for the Tysons-to-Herndon section of the Silver Line: I plumped for “Freedom Hill” for the station on route 7 near the Westpark Drive intersection. I am very pleased that “Scotts Run” is in the running for the east-end route 123 station. Maybe they picked up on my suggestion.

Metro has a policy that requires that names be:

  • Relevant: Identify station locations by geographical features, centers of activity or be derived from the names of cities,communities, neighborhoods or landmarks within one-half mile (or walking distance) of the station;
  • Brief: Limited to 19 characters with spaces and punctuation, including both primary and secondary names;
  • Unique: Distinctive and not easily confused with other station names
  • Evocative: Evoke imagery in the mind of the patron

Take the poll and hold them to it!