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I am generally burned out on plays that take place backstage, but I might make an exception for Anne Washburn’s new 10 out of 12, previewed by Alexis Soloski. Washburn wrote the mind-bending Mr. Burns, a post-electric play that I was just crazy about. (And crazy.)

10 out of 12 takes place during the technical rehearsals of a new play.

Ms. Washburn said she first began taking notes at rehearsals, because “a playwright is useless at tech, and it’s too dark to read.” She wanted to capture how a technical rehearsal is “immensely boring, but then immensely sort of interesting and weird.” … She joked that there’s a version of this script that “takes five days and is completely immersive.”

Here’s hoping I can make a run to New York or that the script will travel to D.C.