At the park: 112

We have resumed nest box monitoring at Huntley Meadows Park (following precautions and adhering to protocol, of course). From today’s report:

And so the season begins.

Kat reported new nests for 2021, both Hooded Merganser, including incubation in box #7. We cleaned out boxes that hadn’t been cleaned since 22 April 2020. It’s possible that we have had hatches in 6 boxes since that April visit.

We will bring some oil for the carabiner on box #62.

Box #3 in the new pool by the observation tower needs replacement: it is missing its top and its bottom. #3 is the one a little farther from the tower….

We spotted a Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) perched up on a snag along Barnyard Run.