At the park: 138

From this week’s report:

Box 62 - 19 March 2023

We’re seeing surprisingly low activity from our Hooded Mergansers so far: just two nests incubating, with three Wood Duck nests in various stages. Perhaps the go fast-go slow spring has reset their clocks. The Wood Duck hen in box #62 is trying to incubate 20 eggs.

There will be a Master Naturalist field trip at the park on Sunday morning, with parking at [oops – Ed.] and boardwalk space at a premium. So we will switch over to our fortnightly checks, with our next work day on 2 April. Enjoy the extra sleep time!

We didn’t find the loaner waders for M, so we adjusted routes accordingly. We met Chris King at the end of our day and mentioned the miscue on the waders….

Google Translate says that today’s TY in Welsh is “Diolch yn fawr iawn.”