Meadowood Special Recreation Area

Tom Nardone led a bird walk to Meadowood Special Recreation Area. This is a patch I had not visited before, even though it’s in the Mason Neck corridor with the NWR and the State Park and the Nova Parks park. Somewhat exotically (for the east), Meadowood is a Bureau of Land Management property. Almost posh washrooms at the field station.

With some cropping, I got some identifiable images of Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) (the first one that I’ve tried) and Yellow-throated Warbler (Setophaga dominica). I seem to see YTWA once every ten years, so every time it’s like a new bird for me.

And, of course, I snapped some wildflowers, too. First bluets of the season, Azure Bluet (Houstonia caerulea). I need to remember that the only common bluet in our area with yellow centers for the flowers is this one. Also first Garden Yellow Rocket (Barbarea vulgaris) of the year.