Changes- Changes- Changes: 1

Great hopping copy editors, the hard copy edition of Washington City Paper has acquired a pair of staples! And color inside! The staples will make it easier to hold the paper together when it’s balanced off the end of the dining room table while I’m chowing down, and I’ll have to modify my one-handed pinch-at-the-spine technique that I once used for flipping through the tabloid on the subway looking for Ernie Pook’s Comeek, but now it’ll be more trouble to pull out the one sheet FilmFest DC schedule for future reference. The new layout hasn’t quite stabilized (I hope): right now it’s somewhat of a typographic pileup.

And the personals have been reduced to two pages of tease, laced with “Many more listings online!” O the humanity! Artist in Hiking Boots, please come back, all is forgiven!