Fixing a missing connection

Steve Offutt road-tests the “invisible tunnel” connection between Farragut West and Farragut North:

The technology exists to allow Metro riders to transfer between the two Farragut stations and treat them as though they were transferring within the system. Metro should implement this idea immediately, since there is no downside, many riders will save time, and congestion at Metro Center will be reduced.

* * *

I took a stopwatch with me to see how long it would take. For the initial trip I reached the top of the escalator at exactly the wrong time to cross I St. and had to wait the full light cycle. I waited about 25 seconds to cross K St. I was standing on the platform at Farragut North 5′ 13″; after the doors opened on my train at Farragut West. On the return trip I arrived on the street during the walk signal at K St. but had to wait about 20 seconds at I St. I was on the platform 4′ 10″; from the time the train doors opened at Farragut North.

Makes sense to me. I’ve performed that transfer myself once or twice when I knew that there would be excessive congestion at Metro Center. It would be nice to save the extra base fare.

Of course, this doesn’t work so well during off hours when the eastern Farragut West station entrance is closed.