Quick fix

a little helpSometimes it does pay to complain. The sign for my bus stop was knocked down in the aftermath of the February snowstorms—a passing plow, a wayward pine tree, an overeager Bobcat, I don’t know. And it remained knocked down for weeks and weeks. Someone tried to prop it up into a pile of wood chips, but mostly it just lay on the ground. Recently someone else leaned it against the street name sign. And for weeks and weeks we had to tell bus drivers, yes, this is my stop at this corner, even though you can’t see the sign.

stumpClearly this wasn’t just a question of hammering the post back into the turf, because it was snapped off.

much betterAnd so finally last Friday morning I contacted customer service through the Fairfax Connector’s web site, notifying them of the problem. (I don’t know why none of the drivers on the two lines that service this stop, apparently, had done so as well.) Later that day I received an acknowledgement, and by Thursday evening, a shiny new sign (URL-enabled) was in place.

Now if the Connector’s ugly red and orange color scheme were as easy to fix…

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