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At the park: 45

Some late-season nesting activity led to some late-season recordkeeping, so here we are in October with final results for the spring nesting season of Hooded Merganser and Wood Duck at Huntley Meadows Park. We took five boxes down that had … Continue reading

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Oh, please

One of the web’s minor annoyances are those ads from “people finder” web sites that pop up on Google’s search results page whenever there’s an iota of a chance that you are searching for someone by name. It matters not … Continue reading

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Sign me up

Via Botany Photo of the Day, WinterRoot’s Wildflowers of Detroit project induced me to join Kickstarter.

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Trillion with a T

Get the Clean Air Act widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Not seeing a widget? (More info)

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Around the corner

View Larger Map On a usual workday (that it, when there isn’t two feet of snow on the ground) I have a ten-minute walk from my Orange Line station to my client’s facility on Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. It’s a wedge-shaped … Continue reading

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