The year in review, 2010

The first sentence (more or less) of the first post of each month from this blog:

  • 1 January: 11D points to a round-up of recommendations on the whats and the hows of purging books from your library.
  • 6 February: The Birding Community E-Bulletin points to two reports: first, a recent summary by Robert Rice of the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center on the supply of and market for the SMBC’s branded Bird Friendly® Coffee.
  • 2 March: Language Log contributor Geoff Nunberg explores new crannies of curmudgeonliness.
  • 1 April: Not to be outdone by The Flibbertigibbet in documentary comprehensiveness (although I yield in the area of single-minded devotion to the craft), herewith my theater viewing statistics for the past twelvemonth.
  • 1 May: A local nonprofit company works to bring together two (seemingly incompatible) interests of mine: theater and nature.
  • 5 June: We might be forgiven for wondering why Woolly Mammoth, having built its fabulous proscenium-styled performance space, enables its directors and designers to reconfigure it variously, as in the recent Full Circle and Clybourne Park.
  • 2 July: Just a quick snap to mark my completion of the Fairfax Cross County Trail.
  • 6 August: WordPress 3 and it’s time for a theme change.
  • 2 September: Sweet profile by Lydia DePillis of Greater Greater Washington’s David Alpert.
  • 2 October: The concrete and support columns are beginning to resemble a station platform; conveniently, it’s right where the Wiehle Avenue stop will be.
  • 2 November: My term project for my meteorology class is fairly simple: photograph and identify as many cloud types as possible.
  • 2 December: Wikipedia’s Silver Line entry recently achieved good article status.

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